Helping Retired Enlisted Veterans find a Home that allows them to thrive while Aging in Place that fits their needs and Lifestyle!

2 Homes
2 Locations
The kicker…You’ve Already Paid Into Them!

Attention ALL Enlisted Veterans: Did you know that you have been paying into a Veterans Retirement Home this whole time?

To inform qualified Enlisted Veterans about the pre-paid benefits of living in the Finest and Affordable Enlisted Veterans retirement homes in the United States the Armed Forces Retirement Homes in either Washington DC or Gulfport Mississippi.

Armed Forces Retirement Homes:
The Armed Forces Retirement Home (AFRH) is a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC).

We are serving military retirees and qualified combat enlisted veterans with homes in Washington, D.C. and Gulfport, Mississippi.

Most of the 1,100 residents live independently but the institution provides a range of living arrangements consistent with CCRC’s including 2 levels of assisted living services and an extended care nursing home.

The average resident age is 79 and current residents have fought in wars from World War II to the Gulf War. This independent federal agency falls under the jurisdiction of the Secretary of Defense.

It is the only retirement home within the federal government.

When Congress created the institution in 1851 with war booty from the Mexican-American War, it was described as “an asylum for old and disabled veterans’’. At the time, military veterans received no pensions or benefits and many US veterans were impoverished and foreign-born, living an ocean away from their families with no one to care for them when they grew old, disabled or sick.

As the nature of the US military changed from a force dominated by draftees to an all voluntary military, Congress adjusted the AFRH management structure.

Do You Qualify?

Before we go any further you must know if you qualify to come into the finest retirement homes in the United States. If you do not qualify please do not log off our website there are a lot of programs for retirees through the VA and the states, we furnish numerous contacts to help you through that process. So make the process short go to the qualifying page and see if you qualify at the end if you qualify there’s a yes or no answer and if you feel you qualify hit yes if you don’t go to the portion that we send you to were there’s further information with the VA whether you are collecting benefits or not there’s money there for your retirement and also for spouses of deceased veterans to help you get through your retirement time.

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Choose Your Home

OK now is the important part evaluate both homes and find out which one of the homes fit your needs the most. Things to consider distance from your family, future health problems, social functions, Comfort room size, amenities both at the home and in the surrounding area and the most important do you feel as if you can contribute to the home you pick. Choosing the home is a process and we are going to try to help you through that process by giving you the most up-to-date information that we can. There are a lot of variables that you must consider, and we are going to try to hit the high points in the frequently asked questions section.

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Apply for Your Home

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Now that you know you own part of these Lands you’re probably asking yourself how you can help save the Enlisted Lands? There are several ways you can take action and whatever you can do is very much appreciated.

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