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welcomeTo inform qualified individuals about the pre-paid benefits of living in the Armed Forces Retirement Homes in either Washington DC or Gulfport Mississippi.

Armed Forces Retirement Homes: 
The Armed Forces Retirement Home (AFRH) is a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC). We are serving military retirees and qualified combat veterans with campuses in Washington, D.C. and Gulfport, Mississippi. Most of the 1,100 residents live independently but the institution provides a range of living arrangements consistent with CCRC’s including assisted living services and a small nursing home. The average resident age is 79 and current
residents have fought in wars from World War II to the Gulf War. This independent federal agency falls under the jurisdiction of the Secretary of Defense. It is the only retirement home within the federal government. When Congress created the institution in 1851 with war booty from the Mexican-American War, it was described as “an asylum for old and disabled veterans’’. At the time, military veterans received no pensions or benefits and many US veterans were impoverished and foreign born, living an ocean away from their families with no one to care for them when they grew old, disabled or sick. As the nature of the US military changed from a force dominated by draftees to an all voluntary military, Congress adjusted the AFRH management structure. 

Residents of The Homes

Each of us that have served in the United States Armed Forces, has involuntarily contributed to the Armed Forces Retirement Homes. Now all enlisted members of the five branches of the military have a deduction of $0.50 a month taken out of our pay.

Most of us never realize that the money was actually being deducted and there was obviously no big deal over the amount. The money went into a trust fund that, to this day, is controlled by the executive branch of government i.e. the White House.

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Times Have Changed

The home is in a monetary crisis and it’s time for those of us who accept the challenge to do something about it. We are not completely helpless we have formed an organization called Enlisted Lands Organization. The Organization is simple, communications amongst ourselves to channel our efforts in the goal of soliciting funds for the home. (I will explain how this is possible under donations)
Now that you know you own part of these Lands you’re probably asking yourself how you can help save the Enlisted Lands? There are several ways you can take action and whatever you can do is very much appreciated.

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