The  ENLISTEDLANDS.Org is not the official website For the Armed Forces Retirement Home. This website is supported by the residents of the home under the name Enlisted Lands.Org.

There is not any tax money that supports these retirement homes.

Because of this very reason, the IRS has ruled that any money donated to the home trust fund is tax deductible for that donation. Since the home is run by a government agency they are restricted from soliciting funds from the general public in any way shape or form. If a person or organization contributes funds on their own volition then it is perfectly proper for the home to accept those funds.

However Enlisted Lands Organization is a private group of residents of the home, therefore, we have the right to solicit funds for the home in any manner through solicitation of needed funds, from the general. population, that we had served. We all served with great honor and distinction. It is our blood and sweat on the arenas of the world. In many ways we are honored and at the same time through lack of educating the general public forgotten.  Yes! All enlisted members and warrant officers of the Armed Forces past, present Wounded Warriors, and future Wounded Warriors are the owner of valuable land, paid for through their monthly contributions, limbs, sickness and even death, to maintain and support that land. Now is the time for us the band together and solicit funds for our home not being afraid of telling our story not being ashamed of asking for money Lord only knows we have paid a dear price and it’s time that we step forward as a unified group and save our homes.

We realize that many of you may not want to get involved but each and every one of you can contribute one way or another. This web site is committed to the preservation and improvement of the ENLISTED LANDS & RETIREMENT HOMES for current and future enlisted members of the U. S. Armed Forces. The enlisted members, warrant officers and Wounded Warriors of the Armed Forces paid for and continue to pay for the land, buildings and upkeep of the Armed Forces Retirement Homes in Washington DC and Gulfport Mississippi. All past and present enlisted service men and woman theoretically and in actuality own a portion of the land and buildings of the Armed Forces retirement homes.