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The ENLISTEDLANDS.Org is not the official website for the Armed Forces Retirement Home.

This web site is committed to the preservation and improvement of the ENLISTED LANDS & RETIREMENT HOMES for current and future enlisted members of the U. S. Armed Forces.

It is supported by the residents of the home under the name Enlisted Lands Organization!

This about page is like none you’ve ever read before. To learn about Enlisted Lands you must first get to know the man behind it.

It is written through the eyes of his daughter. That man’s name is …Raymond W. Ross.

About Ray Ross

My Dad never intended to end up at one of the two Armed Forces Retirement Homes.
As a matter of fact, I’m sure he probably thought he would make the trip to heaven before my mom so he set her up very well.
But God had other plans!

In August 2006 my Dad had to say “See you again” to his best friend, his wife, the mother of his children, grandmother to his grandchildren, and his world.

Doing what my Dad does best, ALWAYS thinking of others first, he divided out all the material possessions to us 6 kids and headed north for a Veterans Retirement Home.

Even though any one of us 6 kids would have taken Dad in, he never wanted to be a burden on us.

He always says that he is in a Retirement Home not for him but for us kids.

Because my Dad served in the United States Air Force for 20 years, was over 60 and is an enlisted veteran he was able to qualify and move into the Armed Forces Retirement Home in Washington D.C.

He lived there for about 2 years where he got involved and started to see the political landscape with all its peaks and valleys.

After moving to the Gulfport, MS home he quickly became very well known, loved by many, liked by some and probably ticked a few people off. Lol

How Enlisted Lands Came to be

Once my Dad started to understand the history, the story, the trust fund, and the fact that every single Veteran has paid into these homes he knew he needed to get the word out.

In November 2009, armed with a newly purchased domain name, fire in his bones, and the tenacity like no other he set out to tell every Veteran about these two homes.

With years of setbacks, questions of whether to carry on the plight or not and very little help from others here he is in 2019 taking it to another level.

Enlisted Lands Organization was created for Veterans by Veterans to get the word out that you have two Retirement Homes, one in Washington DC and the other in Gulfport, MS, that you can choose to call home.

These Residents share their wisdom, thoughts, and experiences through the blogs written on this site.

We have started this organization to reach out to every enlisted member past and present, who contributed to the AFRH trust fund, that wants to participate and want to improve and build upon the AFRH (Armed Forces Retirement Homes) and property.

We never had the opportunity to come together as a group of enlisted members to participate in improving the lives of our retired qualified enlisted members. Now, with the new modern technology and the Internet, we are no longer separated by time and space.

If you ever wanted to get a true sense of what it’s like to live in one of these homes, there is no place better to hear about it than from the residents themselves.

The hope and heartbeat of this site is to get the word out about these homes so the rooms can be filled with the Veterans who served and deserve it.