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AFRH Gulfport, MS Home (Old Soldiers Home)

Rooms Available at The AFRH Gulfport, MS (Updated Weekly)

Welcome to the Armed Forces Retirement Home AFRH Gulfport MS for Veterans

Where the sun shines off the water and there is always plenty to do. 

With Prime Real Estate sitting right on the Mississippi Sound, our Veterans Retirement Home in Gulfport MS Home is the perfect place for those veterans that want to be down south where the sun shines just a little bit more.

From Lincolns Cottage to a nine-hole golf course, and a deer heard you’ll never have a dull moment.

AFRH gulfport ms

There is always so much to do around this area that will keep you active and moving. From ship excursions to the Mississippi Coast Model Railroad Museum to Fishbone Gallery and the Galleria of Fine Arts. You can pretty much find whatever your heart desires here in Gulfport, Mississippi. Oh and let’s not forget the casinos.

History of AFRH Gulfport MS Home

Love History? Then you’ll be very interested to find out how this Gulfport home came to be.

But first…we must travel back to Philadelphia where it all began!

It was back in 1811, the US Navy urged Congress to pass legislation to create a Home in Philadel­phia “for destitute Navy sailors and Marines”.  An interim Naval Hospital opened in the former country mansion of the renowned Pemberton family in Philadelphia. This Hospital offered state-of-the-art care to our former seamen.

At last, the permanent Naval Asylum opened in 1834. Pictured above is the main building, Biddle Hall, which provided old sailors a safe haven. Inmates at the Naval Home were expected to work to earn their keep. So, many had light duty jobs in machine shops. With permission, many would ship off on leave for months at a time.

For 142 years this facility served America’s former sailors. In 1976 the Naval Home relocated to Gulfport, MS on about 40 acres of prime waterfront land sitting on the Mississippi Sound. This stretch of land is the former site of the Gulf Coast Military Academy for boys. The resort towns of Gulfport and Biloxi are nearby featuring casinos, hotels, and scenic shorelines.

How much does it cost to live at the Armed Forces Retirement Home in Washington DC?You’re close to an affordable retirement.


AFRH Resident Fees (as of January 1, 2019):

  • Independent Living: 46.7 % of total current income (not to exceed $1,990 / month)
  • Independent Living Plus: 50 % of total current income (not to exceed $2,261 / month)
    Assisted Living: 63 % of total current income (not to exceed $4,729 / month)
  • Long Term Care: 70 % of total current income (not to exceed $6,642/ month)
  • Memory Support: 70% of total current income (not to exceed $6,713/ month)

Note: Fees are computed annually and adjusted for inflation each January. The AFRH Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) is based on military retirement pay COLA. Fees are computed using the most recently filed tax forms.

Total income for computing monthly fee (includes taxable & non-taxable income from all sources like):

  • Defense Finance and Accounting Service
  • Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Social Security Administration
  • All Pension Payments
  • Survivor Benefit Payments
  • Annuities / IRA distributions & interest
  • Rental Income
  • Other taxable income

This site is maintained by volunteers and those residents of the home. If you need more information please visit the AFRH website.

Or you can get even more information about the Armed Forces Retirement Homes by visiting this Link.

If you have any questions, concerns or feedback about this site please contact us here.

The AFRH Gulfport MS home after Hurricane Katrina

In 2005, Hurricane Katrina destroyed the AFRH Gulfport MS building, and the Residents were transferred to the Washington community. Plans for a new building were soon approved with the support of the US Congress. By October 2010 a modern new complex opened to hundreds of joyous Residents. Local officials and school children from Gulfport were on hand to welcome our Residents home.

The new Armed Forces Retirement Home in Gulfport MS is a multi-tower complex with five levels of care and full amenities under one roof. It was built to mitigate the effects of a Category 5 hurricane. Plus, it features the latest in green technology and supports the philosophy of Aging in Place.

Today the AFRH Gulfport MS Residents are still putting their stamp on this home with military memorabilia and beautification projects.

General Services & Major Amenities

Each of the Armed Forces Retirement Homes offers top-notch Services and Amenities that are sure to knock your socks off. Below is a list of those amenities for our Gulfport, MS Home.

✅ Medical, Dental & Vision
✅ Wellness Programs
✅ Recreational Activities
✅ Resident Daytrips
✅ Full-service Library
✅ Dining Facility
✅ Social Areas & Cantina
✅ Barber Shop
✅ 24 / 7 Security
✅ Beauty Salon
✅ Computer Center
✅ Mailboxes
✅ Banking Services
✅ Campus PX / BX
✅ Computer Center
✅ Off-campus Shuttle
✅ Public Transportation

✅ Emergency 24 / 7 alert system
✅ Private Rooms & Showers
✅ In-room Cable Internet
✅ Television Hookup
✅ Deluxe Fitness Center
✅ Movie Theater
✅ Bowling Center
✅ Hobby Shops
✅ Arts and Crafts

✅ Scenic Walking Paths
✅ 9-Hole Golfing Course
✅ Driving Range
✅ Recreation Rooms
✅ Stocked Fishpond

Can you see yourself calling Gulfport, MS your Home?

Come join us along the Southern Coast of Mississippi and enjoy the beautiful sunsets, all the activities your heart desires and top-notch medical care.