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AFRH Washington, DC Home (Old Soldiers Home)

Rooms Available at The AFRH Washington DC Home (Updated Weekly)​

Welcome to the AFRH Washington DC Home

Rich in culture and history plus close to some of the best shopping and museums around.

This beautiful retirement home for Veterans has an amazing piece of history for those who served our country.

The staff is absolutely wonderful and pleasant, the homes are very clean and the environment is very healthy.

Some of the many benefits of living at the AFRH Washington DC Home that we hear over and over again is the fact that you are so close to world renown hospitals.

From Lincolns Cottage to a nine-hole golf course, and a deer heard you’ll never have a dull moment.


Today that original cottage is splendidly restored as President Lincoln’s Cottage, a National Landmark. The Scott was renamed the Sherman Building, and it serves as offices for AFRH corporate staff. The new Scott Building, which opened in 2013, is a model of modern retirement living.

Today Residents actively contribute military memorabilia and original artwork to its hallway.

By 1851 momentum had grown to fund a Soldiers’ Home in Washington, DC. General Winfield Scott was a hero in the Mexican-American War. He was paid reparations in lieu of ransacking Mexico City. So, Scott promptly paid off his troops and gave the rest to Congress—petitioning it to open a home for old and infirm soldiers.

A rustic country cottage owned by the prominent Riggs family was purchased as the site for such a home. This cottage sat high atop a breezy hill overlooking several hundred acres of farmland in rural Washington. The Old Soldiers’ Home began with just one “inmate”. Before long, more soldiers moved in, and they outgrew that cottage. So a larger “Scott” dormitory was built.

President Abraham Lincoln loved visiting the Old Soldiers’ Home. After it grew he asked to use the cottage for a summer home to escape the humidity and political pressures of DC. All told, Lincoln spent one-quarter of his presidency in the cottage including the months when he penned the Emancipation Proclamation.

Inmates were expected to work to earn their keep. The Soldiers’ Home had a 300-acre dairy farm, so inmates could cultivate food and remain self-sufficient. In the 20th Century, the Home evolved with the times as the focus shifted away from work toward leisure. As the military evolved, the Soldiers’ Home would go on to admit airmen—and women. And, the cow pastures became a nine-hole golf course and Resident gardens.

How much does it cost to live at the Armed Forces Retirement Home in Washington DC?You’re close to an affordable retirement.


AFRH Resident Fees (as of January 1, 2019):

  • Independent Living: 46.7 % of total current income (not to exceed $1,990 / month)
  • Independent Living Plus: 50 % of total current income (not to exceed $2,261 / month)
    Assisted Living: 63 % of total current income (not to exceed $4,729 / month)
  • Long Term Care: 70 % of total current income (not to exceed $6,642/ month)
  • Memory Support: 70% of total current income (not to exceed $6,713/ month)

Note: Fees are computed annually and adjusted for inflation each January. The AFRH Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) is based on military retirement pay COLA. Fees are computed using the most recently filed tax forms.

Total income for computing monthly fee (includes taxable & non-taxable income from all sources like):

  • Defense Finance and Accounting Service
  • Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Social Security Administration
  • All Pension Payments
  • Survivor Benefit Payments
  • Annuities / IRA distributions & interest
  • Rental Income
  • Other taxable income

This site is maintained by volunteers and those residents of the home. If you need more information please visit the AFRH website.

Or you can get even more information about the Armed Forces Retirement Homes by visiting this Link.

If you have any questions, concerns or feedback about this site please contact us here.

The AFRH has a wide range of programs to keep you happy and healthy. Our health services are top-notch, and we have great amenities to help you enjoy life, too. We also encourage lifelong learning for our Residents.

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to learn to paint, do woodworking, or make a sculpture. Or maybe you’re fascinated by history, culture, and music. Whatever your interest, we will help you indulge it.

✅ Medical, Dental & Vision
✅ Wellness Programs
✅ Recreational Activities
✅ Resident Daytrips
✅ Full-service Library
✅ Dining Facility
✅ Social Areas & Cantina
✅ Barber Shop
✅ 24 / 7 Security
✅ Beauty Salon
✅ Computer Center
✅ Mailboxes
✅ Banking Services
✅ Campus PX / BX
✅ Computer Center
✅ Off-campus Shuttle
✅ Public Transportation

✅ Emergency 24 / 7 alert system
✅ Private Rooms & Showers
✅ In-room Cable Internet
✅ Television Hookup
✅ Deluxe Fitness Center
✅ Movie Theater
✅ Bowling Center
✅ Hobby Shops
✅ Arts and Crafts

✅ Scenic Walking Paths
✅ 9-Hole Golfing Course
✅ Driving Range
✅ Recreation Rooms
✅ Stocked Fishpond

You are about to enjoy all the privileges, amenities, and camaraderie that come with living at the AFRH. Here, you will be among your own: fellow veterans and retired service members. We offer activities, programs, and amenities to maintain health and wellness. Yet, your adventure begins right here in your own personal room.

All new Residents are assigned a private, single room that is air-conditioned. The average room size in Washington, DC, is approximately 280 square feet of living space, and in Gulfport, 450 square feet of living space, including a bathroom, shower and closet.  The AFRH will provide you with a bed and armoire. Additional personal furnishings are allowed (such as a computer, desk, recliner, dresser, lamps, refrigerator, microwave, or (in Gulfport) – dinette set).  You will, however, need to supply any of these extra furnishings independently.

Each room is pre-wired for cable TV and telephone service. If you desire these services, you must order and pay for them on your own. Also please be advised that the AFRH is a smoke-free facility. Smoking is prohibited in all buildings—including Resident rooms. Specific outdoor areas are designated as “smoking areas”. So please be considerate to your comrades.

What are some of the reasons the residents choose this place?

Can you see yourself calling Washington DC your Home?

Come join us in Washington DC and take in all the Historial sights and sounds of the Capital of the United States of America plus all the activities your heart desires and top-notch medical care.