Your Old Soldiers Home Continuing Care Retirement Community

Go from Thriving to Dying all in one place!

Aging in Place is a Family Decision!

Qualifying retired enlisted and warrant officers’ veterans have an easy life decision to make both in cost and medical advantages over disconnected standalone communities.

There is the reassurance that when your loved ones or your needs increase, they can be met at a Veterans Retirement Home without having to search for a new facility every so many years.

Your number one best option for Continuing Care Retirement Communities is the Old Soldiers Home in Washington DC or Gulfport Mississippi

Advantages of Old Soldiers Home:

  • Greatly reduces premature decline often associated with a change in the living environment in advanced age
  • The ability for spouses requiring different levels of care to live within close proximity
  • Security in knowing care needs will be met until the end of life and children will not be ‘burdened’
  • Greater involvement in the operational decisions made by management due to an active resident council and greater financial investment
  • Typically attracting a younger qualified age group and thus more active residents, the campuses include more amenities such as putting greens, swimming pools/spas and sports courts.
  • Transportation is provided at the Military retirement home for activities, shopping, and medical appointments; however, residents at CCRCs frequently keep their cars and continue driving as part of their active lifestyle.
  • The retirement homes are not like VA Nursing Homes your home has a wide range of programs to keep you happy and healthy.
  • Your health services are top-notch, two full-time medical doctor, two nurse practitioners, a full-time dentist, and an optometrist. A complete nursing staff to handle all emergencies 24 hours a day.
  • An added bonus at both homes is a VA hospital within 10 minutes driving distance and you also have access to military bases with outstanding hospitals.

Now I ask you what more you can ask for?

You paid for it it’s yours, incredibly economical and waiting for you now. At this time there is no waiting list over 120 in Gulfport and 200 in Washington DC.

Fill out the application form to see if you qualify. We will assist you in every way possible we want you to live the rest of your life as you determine.

You have great amenities at your Retirement Communities for Veterans to help you enjoy life, too.

We also encourage lifelong learning for our Residents. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to learn to paint, do woodworking, or make a sculpture. Or maybe you’re fascinated by history, culture, and music. Whatever your interest, we will help you indulge it.