The Circle of Life - Family

How does the Armed Forces Retirement Homes cater to your Family Needs?

Dear Potential Resident of the ARFH,

We understand that family means different things to different people. So many of you have children, grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren that you love and adore and want to remain close to. While others of you never had children so your family unit looks a little different.

No matter what your family looks like we at the Armed Forces Retirement Home, know how important family is! Each of the Retirement Homes for Veterans focuses on not just your wants and needs as the resident but also those of your family.

Whether you’re coming from the home of your children, maybe another facility or moving from the home you raised your children in, the family will always be family.

Dear Family of a Potential Resident of the AFRH,

For those of you that are doing the research for your loved one and trying to find them the best Retirement Home, we want to speak to you for a second.

With so many options of retirement homes, so many different locations, so many different desires and needs we understand the level and number of questions you have.

You want to make sure your loved one is in the best possible place for them and you. You want to make sure the facility is not some run down home but is well-taken care.

You want to know that the doctors, nurses, and workers are of the highest standards and truly care about those they are serving.

Above all, you want the reassurance that your loved one receives the love, care and attention you would be giving them if they were with you.

All we can say is our reviews speak for themselves.

Plus, as residents who manage this site and write for it, we can speak from the horse’s mouth, you won’t find another retirement home that comes close to this one. We are cared for, loved on and treated with the utmost respect.

Take a peek at just a glimpse of the reviews the Armed Forces Retirement Home has and then come on back and get your loved one qualified.

Whether you’re the potential resident or the loved one doing the research, we’ve answered quite a few questions we get asked on a daily basis below. Take a look below and if you have any other questions that were not answered just let us know here.


Most frequent questions and answers

YES, families are encouraged to visit and stay as long as they would like. They are also able to eat with their loved ones in the cafeteria and take a tour of the building as well.

The home has a contract with a company that cleans the hallways and maintains the outside landscaping. Each room has its own central heating and cooling system so the resident can set it at the desired temperature. So you have complete control over the temperature in the heat and comfort level that you desire.

Chrome has overhead lights and three stand lights two small ones and one large one for four lights.

Yes, you can bring your own furniture, of course, you’ll just want to be mindful of the room dimensions. There are certain items that will stay in the room that are part of the furniture in every room.

The floors are clean daily and they are non-slip depending on the shoes that you’re wearing but we have never had any problems with the floors being too slippery. Any water or drinks spilled on the floor are taken care of immediately by the cleaning crew that works 24/7.