Can I visit a AFRH Campus before making my decision?
Yes, your may schedule a tour by contacting the PAO at 800-422-9988 (prompt 1).

How do I apply?
Simply print out the application materials, with checklist, from the our documents page or contact the PAO at 800-422-9988 (prompt 1) for the application materials.

Is there a waiting list?
Currently there is not a waiting time of we have approximately 130 rooms at AFRH-Gulfport. 200 rooms in AFRH-Washington currently has openings.

What is the procedure for adding your name to the approval/waiting list?
To get on the waiting list one must submit their completed application for approval – once approved they will be placed on the waiting list.


If approved, when will I move in?

How long will you wait?

What happens if you are offered a room and the timing does not work for you?

Do you go to the bottom of the list, how often can you refuse, is there a cost associated with refusal?


Can I smoke at AFRH?
A resident can smoke, however Federal Law dictates that smoking is prohibited within the facility and within 25 feet of all buildings.

Can I bring my vehicle?

Can I come and go as I please?
Residents may come and go as they please.

Can my family visit?
Families are encouraged to visit.

What kinds of structured activities are scheduled throughout the week
Are there any religious services in the facility?
What about day trips?
Our residents allowed to bring their own furniture and belongings?
Is there a bus that takes residents to activities?

Can the kitchen accommodate a special diet?

Can a resident go into hospice in this facility?
What reasons would a person have to move somewhere else?
Is the atmosphere warm and friendly?
does the staff treat residents like adults?
Or the residents clean and well groomed?
Do the residents seem unnecessarily medicated?
Is the facility clean, well lit, at a comfortable temperature and are the grounds well maintained?
With regard to safety, our fire escapes and ramps wide enough for wheelchairs?
Are there handrails in the hallway?
Do the tubs, toilets and showers have grab bars?
Are the floors clean and non-slippery?
Why would I want to be there?
What are the basic cost and what is covered?
Are there additional charges for care and what are these?
What is not covered under the basic charge?
Is there any reason a resident would be discharge?
Is the facility license prominently displayed?
Where are the residence rights posted, and what are they?
How are medications obtained?
When was the last state or county inspection conducted?
Have there been any complaints from the residence or families?
How have these been addressed?
If necessary, can we ask the facility to address any concerns we have with the inspection findings?