Can I visit a AFRH Campus before making my decision?
Yes, your may schedule a tour by contacting the PAO at 800-422-9988 (prompt 1).

How do I apply?
Simply print out the application materials, with checklist, from the our documents page or contact the PAO at 800-422-9988 (prompt 1) for the application materials.

Is there a waiting list?
Currently there is a waiting time of approximately 24-29 months at AFRH-Gulfport. AFRH-Washington currently has openings.

What is the procedure for adding your name to the approval/waiting list?
To get on the waiting list one must submit their completed application for approval – once approved they will be placed on the waiting list.


If approved, when will I move in?

How long will you wait?

What happens if you are offered a room and the timing does not work for you?

Do you go to the bottom of the list, how often can you refuse, is there a cost associated with refusal?


Can I smoke at AFRH?
A resident can smoke, however Federal Law dictates that smoking is prohibited within the facility and within 25 feet of all buildings.

Can I bring my vehicle?

Can I come and go as I please?
Residents may come and go as they please.

Can my family visit?
Families are encouraged to visit.