Following are the questions that we get asked the most on a continual basis. We’ve done our best to answer these questions here but we also get asked lots more questions that pertain to the different aspects of life.

To see how we have broken down ALL the questions you may have, please visit our Circle of Life page and view answers to questions you probably didn’t even think to ask.

Our FAQ:

Can I visit an AFRH Campus before making my decision?
Yes, you may schedule a tour by contacting the PAO at 800-422-9988 (prompt 1).

How do I apply?
Simply print out the application materials, with a checklist, from our documents page or contact the PAO at 800-422-9988 (prompt 1) for the application materials.

Is there a waiting list?
Currently, there is not a waiting time! We have approximately 130 rooms at AFRH-Gulfport. 200 rooms in AFRH-Washington available for you to move right in.

What is the procedure for adding your name to the approval/waiting list?
To get on the waiting list one must submit their completed application for approval – once approved they will be placed on the waiting list.


If approved, when will I move in?

Each individual is treated based on their circumstance so therefore there’s not a definitive answer to this question. But be assured we want you we need you and will make it as quick as possible for you.

How long will you wait? The answer above would fit in here nicely because each individual is treated as an individual.

What happens if you are offered a room and the timing does not work for you? AFR age staff will work with you depending on your circumstances. We realize that this is a major personal decision for you and we want you to be comfortable with the decision that you make.

Do you go to the bottom of the list, how often can you refuse, is there a cost associated with a refusal?

This question here will have to be answered when you call into the home to apply for acceptance into the home. Right now there’s over 300 empty rooms so I would say you’re not going to go to the bottom the list. You can refuse as much as you want as long as we have open rooms. As far as cost of refusal I don’t believe there’s any but you have to check with the AFR staff when you call in. But please remember even though we will go out of our way to accommodate you. You are using up valuable time that we could be accommodating another potential resident.

Can I smoke at AFRH?
A resident can smoke, however, Federal Law dictates that smoking is prohibited within the facility and within 25 feet of all buildings.

Can I bring my vehicle?

Can I come and go as I please?
Residents may come and go as they please.

Can my family visit?
Families are encouraged to visit.

Time to get started 

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