As a military member, you may already know about veteran benefits, but we are sure you aren’t familiar with some hidden perks that you could get as a veteran. After dedicating your life to the country, you deserve every benefit that comes your way.

You may know already that you are entitled to Tricare health, GI Bill educational benefits and VA home loans that are available to veterans through the Department of Veterans Affairs. But there are a lot of other considerable benefits for the retired veteran. And when you have just retired, and are settling in a new routine, every bit counts.

We have skimmed some of the best military benefits to add some convenience to your lives and the lives of your loved ones.

1. Transferable GI Bill:

You may already know that servicemen and veterans are eligible to have higher educational benefits. A veteran can use these benefits until 15 years after his service. But in case you don’t use these military benefits for yourself, you can also transfer your unused credits to your spouses and dependents. Although, there might be some service limitations required to execute the transfer.

2. VA Mortgage Assistance:

The Department of Veterans Affairs offers repayment assistance to retired military members who are having trouble paying their mortgage. If you are having trouble to pay the mortgage for your veteran retirement home, stop worrying. This added assistance can be used to start a special repayment plan or allow loan leniency, and loan modification plans. There can be many plans to help you get resources and funds for buying your retirement house.
Also, you must know that you are eligible to receive a veteran retirement home. You can learn more about the financial details here.

3. Certification Programs

GI Bill offers financial assistance for achieving higher education, and a degree. But you can also do certification courses or take vocational training. The GI Bill will pay up to $2000 towards your training and certification. These days, when digital marketing and freelancing has opened new doors for everyone, you can take certification courses and start a new career easily.
This could be ideal for you if you want to start a career that doesn’t require a degree. You can also acquire new skills through training and start earning.

4. VA Foreclosures

If a house serviced by VA loans goes into foreclosure, the VA will add its details to a list. Anybody can have access to this list of VA acquired properties. But as a retired veteran, you can not only have access to the list, but you will also be eligible for substantial discounts. Moreover, a VA foreclosure property also qualifies for VA financing.

5. American Corporate Partners

After retirement, most veterans want to start a career. American Corporate Partners provides benefits for the retired veteran. It will connect you to the top-ranking companies in the US. Not only that, but you can also enjoy the added military benefits of professional mentoring and vocational training.

This can prove extremely useful for veterans since it can help you push-start your career.

6. Death and Burial Benefits

As a veteran, you have served your country with all your might. When a veteran dies, he should have a dignified funeral with the acknowledgment and admiration that he deserves. In the case of the unfortunate event of demise, the members of the veteran’s family will be eligible for some VA benefits.

The family of the deceased veteran can request a US flag and a Presidential Memorial Certificate to bury their heroes with the honor that they are worthy of. VA can also send free headstones on request.

7. Life insurance

If you sustained an injury during service, it may be difficult to get traditional life insurance. Some veterans benefits can help you receive a substantial amount for life insurance.
The Servicemembers’ and Veterans Group Life Insurance Program can pay up to $400,000 towards life insurance. When you choose life insurance that is specialized to assist military members, you can avoid a lot of troubles and complications to adjust a regular insurance plan to your unique situation.

8. Free Tax Preparation

Volunteer Income Assistance Programs allow veterans and their family members the military benefits of getting free help for preparing Tax. The offices of VIA are located on most military bases. The volunteers are highly skilled and capable to help retired veterans deal with complicated tax issues.

9. Long-Term Care

It can be very expensive to get long-term care, and most veterans cannot afford it with their regular insurance. The Aid and Attendance Program assists retired veterans to get coverage for long-term services, and nursing homes. The program facilitates veterans by providing extra VA benefits.
Overall, it pays about $25000 for veterans. Another great perk is that this money is tax-free. The program also pays to cover for long-term care costs of surviving spouses of veterans.

10. Small Benefits

  • You may be aware that Medicare doesn’t cover the cost of hearing aid. Therefore, to make your life easier, VA insurance provides fully-covered hearing aids for eligible veterans.
  • CHAMPVA, VA’s Civilian Health and Medical Program, provides health insurance for the spouses and dependents of disabled veterans. This doesn’t require any premiums.
  • Veteran-Directed Care Program offers special military benefits to veterans who may need assistance at home. You can receive up to $2000 a month to pay helpers and aides.

Final Word:

As a retired military member, you may be eligible for more veteran benefits than you realize. The best way to unlock the hidden perks is to research, we have found some of the best military benefits for both you and your family. Don’t hesitate to check your eligibility for these benefits. Remember, after years of service you deserve all the benefits that come your way.

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